SSH/RSA Key Search

Sometimes you get a disk image that can’t be nicely mounted.  However, you’d still like to retrieve any ssh/rsa keys.  Found a nice article that will get you close to the answer: grep -i -a -B30 -A50 ‘BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY’ /dev/sda2 The only things I changed were that 30 lines before, …

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Burp Trusted Root Certificate

When attacking HSTS (STS) sites, you need to install BURP’s proxy cert as the root certificate in order to load the content correctly.  A pain in the butt, but worth it.  Notes are here: Key thing is to ensure you import PortSwigger into your trusted CA store.  By default for …

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Woods Walk

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Went for a family walk in the woods.  Apparently some kids (?) at some point built a pretty sweet paintball area back there.  I’m impressed, especially since it looks like its been a few years since it was used. A few nature shots to begin with And the sweet paintball …

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