Intercom Upgrade

Recently, I upgraded my house to use


My house is equipped with ~1990s intercom system that is non-functioning, has yellowing plastic, and is just ugly in every way.  One of my plans was to upgrade the intercom to tablets that can play Pandora and connect to SmartThings for house automation.

Small Unit


Dragon Y88X Tablet:
Electrical: blue box, USB outlet, white power cable from Home Depot


To start this project off, I removed the old small room unit, and the bracket (that was nailed in to the stud).  No, not my hand print.


Next, I created a box to hold my tablet.  The height was 2.5″, length 7.5″ and width 5 1/8″.  My box was too deep (on purpose to give more strength to the side wood), so a piece of wood was added as back padding.  Notice the magnets added to the top, the external frame is attached via magnets to easily get to the tablet if need be.


Next, I tapped the electrical off of the light switch, and mounted a covered box INSIDE the wall to power my unit (no, this is not to code).  To compensate for any dust that may get in there and not be noticed, i also put a metal cover over the box.  The last images show the power mounted up inside the wall, over the tablet area.

20160212_170503 20160212_170931 20160215_091652 20160215_091643

Mount the box.  Keep in mind you need to cut a space for the USB power to get inside the box (top cut), and to have room to plug in (right cut out).

20160221_161321 20160225_191612

Lastly, a “picture frame” type frame was cut and painted, and magnets added for the final touch.

20160221_190523 20160225_214322

Large Unit


Dragon x10 tablet:
bluetooth speaker (available space was 7″x4″):
$99.99 USD
Speaker cloth:
$9.64 USD
Electrical: blue box, USB outlet from Home Depot


This procedure was much the same, except there was already a power cable in there, and a metal framed box.  I still needed to make a wood “table” to pad out the back, but that was trivial compared to everything from the smaller unit.  The tablet uses Velcro to attach to the “table” behind it, and is kept in place by the frame which screws in to the metal box from the original intercom unit.

I utilized a USB outlet, however, the USB isn’t strong enough to charge the speaker or tablet which is very frustrating as they are much more expensive.

20160409_163811 20160414_214548

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