The Martian: A Novel

I just recently read The Martian: A Novel (by Andy Weir) at the recommendation of Security Now on TWIT.

The Martian: A Novel (Kindle Edition)

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Wow, what a book. just WOWWWWW.  W/o a spoiler alert, the book is in the near future where astronauts are being sent to Mars to start researching it (take rock/soil samples etc).  Unfortunately, Mark Watney gets left behind and has to figure out how to survive until the next crew can come and save him.  While the book can get slightly nerdy (basic chemistry as opposed to computers), its interesting, and I just couldn’t put it down.  The ending was great, and after I finished it, I was hoping for a movie to be made of it.  Its one of the few books that I would actually read again.

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