2 month appt and weekend stuff

Last Thursday was Lillian 2 month check up at the pediatrician.  Little peanut scored in the single digits for height and weight BUT she is right on target for where she should be 🙂 She also had to get 4 shots, :/ however, she did REALLY well with them.  I was worried that she would be one of the few babies that get a fever or are cranky.  As you can see from the pics taken that day she was a happy girl! Only signs she showed of getting shots that day was she was a little more sleepy.  Which is fine with me!

20131010_11243620131010_135419  20131010_135427 20131010_195512


This past weekend was pretty fun!  My husband was off for a loooong 5 day weekend, which made it even better!  Lillian and I went for a walk Sat morning while dad worked out.  Then that evening we hung out with friends and their babies! (no pics though).  The rest of the long weekend we played and went for walks! Lillian really enjoys being outside and with the colder weather coming we are trying to go out as much as possible.  I am dreading the winter months :/

20131012_11124420131013_195954 20131016_17250820131013_182445


Lillian watching the Ravens game.  She is totally judging the offense performance.


Not happy after their loss.  RAVENS vs steelers this week! woot woot!


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