Kali Issues

I started this off with an apt-get update upgrade and dist-upgrade. Plus an msfupdate, to make sure everything was the most current version(s).


Well, that didn’t take long.  Looks like se-toolkit

setoolkit broken

Looks like rel1k has some work to do on updating the config to be kali compatible…

setoolkit broken

Luckily, that’s not all.



I read somewhere that Metasploit takes a long time to load.  That’s an understatement!

metasploit 8min later

I was watching to quit, and do a new time, but you can assume it took 5sec.  Still with that, 7min almost 8min load time is quite a long time.

I thought I would write-up all about how pwnpi was quicker… Not so much… 9.5min



Well, its tough to figure out which to go with.  I like the feel of pwnpi’s /pentest (like BT had), but if Kali is the way of the future, I guess I better start getting used to it.

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