Gun Control Laws

I’m interested to see where the gun control laws end up, but I did find some interesting things on this blog:

I don’t necessarily agree/disagree with any of it, but some of the things I chuckled at were:


(I support and voted for Obama (twice) btw…)



(I actually researched this on 12/19/2012 and came up wtih slightly different statistics:

9,146 homicides due to guns
9,824 vehicular fatalities where one or more drivers was .08 BAC or more.)



Personally, I don’t like NRA’s answer for preventing firearm related violence in schools either.  Having an armed officer in each school makes them seem much more like prisons to me.  Whatever laws are made as a result of all the tragedies this year, hopefully they will prevent any future ones.

I thought this video was also pretty interesting and informative: 

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