Cameroon Videos

Mike’s video log before leaving America: last meal

Anna stuck on the airplane

Arriving in Cameroon

Driving/the roads in Cameroon

Tour of the house in Yaounde

The story of an attempt at extortion (they didn’t get anything from us luckily)

Video log about eating in a shanty in Africa

Video log about Stephanie’s comment. ADULT THEMED

Crows in Cameroon wear white vests

Elie talking

The waterfall

Video log of the hotel at the beach (Limbe)

Video log about Anna choking

Video log of the pool in Limbe

Video log about white people in Africa

Video log of Stephanie getting stuck in the bathroom

Video log about the traffic and another extortion attempt

One of the only times we felt scared, the accident and mob

Video log from Mike about starting to feel sick

Video log from Mike about feeling sick

Video log from the hospital

Additional video log from the hospital

The neighborhood kids dancing at the Baptism party

Video log about not trusting white people, and music

Video log about dancing, the market, special time in Cameroon, and other subjects

Coming home from Africa, dogs WILL miss you

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