Recently went to Bermuda, quite a few good pictures there!

Prior to leaving

Scuba and Snorkeling (video coming soon)

Food!  The cheeseburger was from the Waterlot Inn, and is LIFE CHANGING.  It was amazing.  Described as:

The Waterlot Burger: short rib, kobe beef, truffles, pepper sauce, duck fat fries.  Yes yes and more yes.

We had also heard rumors of the Ocean Club’s brownie sundae.  There is no such thing as disappointment in that monstrosity!

The beaches were crystal clear.  There seemed to be no one on the beach, so it was nice to have all that sand and water to ourselves

Around Town, this is Hamilton, our hotel, and St. George

And the family photos, mixed in with some randoms.  In Bermuda, all tourists have to rent scooters to get around (other than cab).  Driving is also British, on the left side of the road.  The roads are narrow one lane each direction, and have walls/plants on both sides.  Often you can only see 10ft in front of you.  This, however, does not stop the locals from passing in blind turns, or really, whenever they feel like it.  I have some video i’ll be uploading later of that.

And naturally, a nice welcome home

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