OpenVAS 4 HowTo

My last experience with OpenVAS was in Backtrack 4.  Back then, things were easy.

openvas-nvt-sync (update, optional)
#start client from menu and connect
Then Greenbone took over the GUI.  About the same time, OpenVAS got insanely complexity.  Why?  I think because it was too easy to use.
OpenVAS Pre 4 OpenVAS 4

Things got much more complicated.  OpenVAS Server became 3 components.  The fact that there are 3 components to OpenVas (Scanner, Manager, Administrator) just makes it annoyingly complicated to use, and figure out what is wrong.  So how do you get it running?

#update the plugins
#make the certs needed for operation, these 2 steps are only required to be performed once
openvas-mkcert-client -n om -i
#start the server this will take a few mintues
openvasmd --rebuild
#not required after first use
openvasad -c 'add_user' -n root -r Admin
openvasmd -p 9390 -a
openvasad -a -p 9393
gsad --http-only --listen= -p 9392
#connect to the gui

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