Patching ESXi 5.0

In a previous post:, I documented how to do updates to ESXi 4.x.  This was well and great, but ESXi 5.0 is the new hotness.  Luckily, everything has changed…. again.

  1. First step is to update your CLI ->
  2. Next, you have to upload your patches to the box.  Previously we tried to avoid doing this, but now its mandatory.   Use the datastore’s built in GUI (vSphere) to do this.
  3. Put your server into Maintenance Mode (it will more than likely need a reboot anyways)
  4. Run the command (from C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\bin):  esxcli --server=<ip> --username=root --password=<password> software sources vib update –depot=/vmfs/volumes/<datastore>/<patch>.zip
  5. Reboot

UPDATE: if you are on ESXi 5.1, you DONT put ‘sources’ in the update line.

Most of this information was gained from here, and was a big help:–single-use-esxcli-how-to

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