Socks Proxy via SSH

So, you need a secure proxy to browse the web (because you’re at a hotel or something similar).  There are a few options such as TOR or an anonymous online proxy, but I want to control ALL of my traffic.  Trust no one.  I’m not worried about someone knowing I was at a particular site, I just want to make sure the connection is not intercept-able.

You will need an SSH server.  Past that, you’re all set!

  1. Setup the connection tunnel: ssh -D <port_to_listen_locally_on> -p <ssh_port> <username>@<site>
  2. Set you’re web browser to utilize the SOCKS connection.
    1. Firefox: Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Network > Settings
      1. Select Manual, SOCKS Host: localhost, Port: <port_to_listen_locally_on>
    2. Google Chrome: Browse to -> chrome://settings/advanced (or click the wrench, Preferences)
      1. Under the Hood, Network, Change Proxy Settings…
      2. Manual Proxy, SOCKS Host: localhost, Port: <port_to_listen_locally_on>
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Alternately, with putty


Under Connection -> SSH -> Tunnels.  Put in a Source Port, and set Destination to Dynamic.  Next click Add, and you’re all set!

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