Patching ESXi

Updating ESXi is a big pain in the butt, lets be honest. So I wanted to document out how to do it, for my future.

  1. So the first thing is we have to have VSphere CLI installed. You can get that here:
  2. Next, we need to download the patches. You can check your version/build number on your install, and match it up to the site. Go here: download all the patches you need. They can be large, so only download what you require.
  3. Next, we’ll need a command prompt. Now PERL is not in my path, so my command line was rather long:
C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\VMware vSphere CLI\Perl\bin>perl.exe ..\..\bin\ --server <server> --username <user> --password <password> -b "c:\vmware patches\<patch>.zip" -i

After that, your all set!  This was a good source for the information also:

Image Source:

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