Alaska 2011

Recently went on a trip to Alaska, based in Anchorage.  A few friends and I did quite a few activities there, so it was a bit of a challenge to organize the photos.  I did my best, trying to sort by event.

First thing I did was I went on fishing charter ( out of Seward.

Had a great time, and I was able to send home 10.5lb of fish.

Later on that day, a trip to Russian River ( was made in an attempt to see some wildlife.  Russian River is known for its salmon fishing, and bears (which go hand in hand).  We did get to see a mama bear, and man is a grizzly scary in person!  We were about 50ft from it, and that its one ‘dont mess with me’ face.

The next day was rainy, but we went out to Eagle River (  We had a moose run across our path, and had to wait ~20min for it to walk far enough off to safely get by.

We had dinner one evening at Seven Glaciers Restaurant (  The view is absolutely spectacular, and so was the food.  You definitely won’t get out of that place under $75 a person, but you have to get treated every once in a while.

We went over to the Iditarod trail, which was pretty neat (for < 30min).  We did a sled ride (summer mode), which was cool and only $10.

The big last group of pictures is from the Denali National Park.  We saw just about every animal possible.  Most my pictures aren’t very good, that’s what you get for a point a shoot camera.

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