Fishing Charter 2011

Not many photos this time, but we caught our limit on rocks early in the day (8am).

This trip was similar to our first in the fact that we caught a few toad fish, and clam/oyster shells.  I also pulled up a pretty thick rope somehow.

Its always beautiful on the ride out at 6am.

Its always funny to see the size difference in fish.  Heck yea big rocks!


UPDATED 6/27/2011

We cooked up our whole fish, and by we I mean my brother-in-law.  Definitely an interesting experience, one I wouldn’t have attempted myself.

Step 1: Remove the scales (it was already de-gutted when we brought it home).  Also, make some cuts in it to get the bones out, this is where expertise comes in.

Step 2: A little olive oil, salt and pepper.  Make a funny face and throw it on the grill!

Step 3: juice a lemon over the top, then put the lemon in the gut cavity.

Step 4: let get nice!

Step 5: flip

Step 6: De-bone and eat.

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