Google Chrome Secure Browser Plug-ins

So you decided to go with Google Chrome, congratulations!  So the next step, is to get some plug-ins installed, and really enhance your browsing experience.  Here are my recommendations to make web browsing awesome again!


Ghostery was recently featured on Security Now and Steve Gibson gives a great explanation of how it works.  Essentially, almost every website you go to uses ads and code form other sites.  For example, uses: Comscore Beacon, Dynamic Logic, and FreeWheel.  Heck, even this site uses: Amazon Associates, Doubleclick, Google Adsense, and Google Analytics.  Ghostery helps bring to light all of the extra code/ads being put in that website, and can block them from tracking you.  Great little plug-in to have to hide yourself!


Secbrowsing is a plug-in that will let you know when your plug-ins are out of date.  Google Chrome has started to migrate this technology into the browser itself, but this was the original.  A common attack for a hacker is what is known as a drive by download.  In this attack, a victim will go to a website, and at that site an old/vulnerable plug-in will be exploited causing the hacker to gain control of a victim’s computer.  Secbrowsing helps combat that by letting you know as soon as your plug-ins are out of date.  Give it a try!


I already looked at LastPass, and found it to be the best thing ever.  Stop hesitating and go get it!

AdBlock + AdSweep

I double up on the ad blocking.  This really enhances your user experience your browsing experience.  Web pages appear cleaner, they load faster, and save bandwidth on your computer.  There is really no reason not to use them!  AdBlock: and AdSweep:

With all of these, you should be rocking and rolling!

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