Warrior Dash: 2011

Another year, another warrior dash (http://warriordash.com/).  This year was quite a bit harder than last year.  The mud was deep, and early, which really made the course difficult to get through.  This year I also decided to go in costume, as is only natural.  Viking, (plastic) ax, fur cape, what could go wrong?

Well, the cape was a great idea, until we hit some early mud.  The cape went down to about my ankles, and besides being extremely hot, it holds mud very well.  About 1/5-1/4 through the race, the bottom ~3″ got muddy.  This equated to ~10lb of extra weight, which I had to hold in my arm for the rest of the race.  If I didn’t hold it, it would not only choke me, but get wrapped around my legs.   Next, my ax belt came loose a little over 1/2 way through the race.  Retying the belt broke it, so I was forced to run with ax in one hand, cape in the other.  Also about 1/2 way through the cape got more muddy, and by the fire jump, it weighed ~25lb.

As with all things in life, you get to a cross roads.  Ditch the cape and all the work so far was for nothing, but you can finish the race respectably.  Keep the cape, and walk the race, but get sweet photos.  Sweet photos was my obvious choice.

One of the really cool things that the warrior dash people do, is to have a shoe donation.  Your shoes are for the most part ruined with mud anyways, so they make a collection of those shoes, clean them, and give them to people in need.  The pile this year was huge, and I was proud to be able to contribute to it.







Shoe Donations:

During the race, one of my nephews (age 8 ) took some pretty awesome camera shots on my point and shoot camera.

Near the Fire Jump:

Jumping in the mud pit:

And a few after the race:

I do have a tip for next year, as I learned from experience this year.  If you are going to dive in the mud pit (as is encouraged), dive as if you are doing on a diving board for distance.  Do not do a ‘shallow’ drive, like from the side of the pool.  This is what I did, and ended up landing on lip, and face planting.  Ouch to say the least.

You will also get scraped up pretty good from the rocks 🙂

http://www.sportphoto.com took the pictures for the event, whereas last year brightroom took them.  Last year, I had an awesome photo of me sliding into the mud:

This year though, I think I got one of the most epic pictures ever taken.

What is more awesome than jumping fire with a viking helmet, axe, and fur cape? NOTHING.

I also videoed the event with the GoPro.  The video turned out so/so since it is hard to stay steady when running, and the angle was a little too much towards the ground from about 1/3 till the end of the race.  Oh well!


First portion:

Second portion:

Third portion:


Here are a few quick pictures from the video:

Typical stream running.

The mud!

This poor girl lost a shoe in the mud, which was quite common.

The dark cavern.

A very muddy cape

The walls and barbed wire.

It got deep on the back side of the wall!

Cargo net climb

with a nice view from the top!

What is left of the hay bail climb.

The slide, which was pretty cool.

Fire jump

Mud pit with barbed wire

The last frame in a head first dive.  No, I did not alter this in any way, and I do not recommend repeating my mistake!

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