Testing Your Kids

Every once in a while, you have to test your kids to make sure they make the right decisions, with out suffering terrible consequences.

Luckily, my kids all have 4 legs.  So, here is the setup: Every once in a while (bi-monthly) I will find an empty bag of bread on the ground, and a very fat dog.  The bread is kept on the kitchen counter (standard height) or higher.  How on earth a miniature dachshund is able to get the bread down is beyond my wildest dreams.  So, we set up a test.

On Saturday, a ‘fake’ sandwich was made (just rustled an empty bread bag around).  The bread bag was left hanging out over the end of the counter.  A laptop was set in one corner of the room, with a skype video call to a laptop waiting in a car.  A GoPro was set on the other side of the room.  The wife and I then left to go get gas at the gas station, while we waited to see how our dog was getting the bread.

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