My Process on Cleaning Windows Systems

When I get asked to “take a look at something”, in general I know what needs to be done.  The user hasn’t cleaned or maintained their PC.  So what do I do to clean and optimize?

  1. Install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) or update paid subscription AV.  I will leave scanning for over night.
  2. Install any/all Microsoft (Windows) Updates
  3. Uninstall any old/no longer required programs
  4. Update Software
    1. Java
    2. Adobe Reader
    3. Adobe Flash
    4. Firefox/Chrome
  5. Install/Run CCleaner to clean out any temporary files, or files no longer needed.
  6. Install Defraggler, run it on the primary drive or the worst fragmented.
  7. Run WinDirStat to find the biggest files/folders in order to possibly delete them.

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