VirusTotal and Protecting Yourself From Viruses

A client a few years back had gotten his computer infected with malware. All the classic signs were there, can’t update AV, can’t go to Microsoft web pages, firewall deactivated. I found a few suspect files on the pc, and scanned them with the antivirus protection he had. The files came up clean, but the virus signatures hadn’t been updated in a few weeks. Still suspecting these files, I tried them on virus total.

Virus Total

Virus total is a website where anyone can upload potentially malicious files, and have (at the time of writing this) 42 different antivirus programs analyze the file. This is a great FREE service, as not all AV programs detect all malware all the time.  Imagine if you were using the one or two antivirus that DIDN’T identify the file as malicious!
If you ever get any suspicious emails sent to you and your virus scanner deems them as safe, it can be a very good idea to try them on virus total just to make sure. Keep in mind though, not to send confidential data there!

Example Malicious File

Example Safe File

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