Firefox HSTS Disable

Wanted to make sure i have a copy of this: According to several forums, you can disable HSTS by introducing a new configuration variable. First, go to the Firefox configuration page (about:config), right-click, choose “New Integer”, then provide the name “test.currentTimeOffsetSeconds” (no quotes) with a value of 11491200. This should …

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Art vs Hacking

NPR recently had an interview with Christoph Niemann (source).  He had several quotes that I think are analogous to hacking activities that I felt were worth pointing out. “What creates that moment is 100 very boring, unsexy steps — you know, move the line a little further to the left; draw …

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My parent’s house has a bat that lives at it near the front door.  Its not always there, but one night when letting the dog out it was. So I took a photo. Very cool. That went so well, I think i’ll zoom in and get closer. Then I realized, …

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Google Photos App, Ignore Folder

Do you have a folder (whatsapp, snapchat) with photos in it that you DONT wish for Google Photos to display?  I’m not talking about backup/upload, but to completely ignore.  Simply add a ‘.nomedia’ file to the folder.  Boom, done, easy.