My parent’s house has a bat that lives at it near the front door.  Its not always there, but one night when letting the dog out it was. So I took a photo. Very cool. That went so well, I think i’ll zoom in and get closer. Then I realized, …

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Google Photos App, Ignore Folder

Do you have a folder (whatsapp, snapchat) with photos in it that you DONT wish for Google Photos to display?  I’m not talking about backup/upload, but to completely ignore.  Simply add a ‘.nomedia’ file to the folder.  Boom, done, easy.

Intercom Upgrade

Recently, I upgraded my house to use . My house is equipped with ~1990s intercom system that is non-functioning, has yellowing plastic, and is just ugly in every way.  One of my plans was to upgrade the intercom to tablets that can play Pandora and connect to SmartThings for house …

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Just wanted to list out for some friends what SmartThings items I have purchased. Keep in mind, there are kits, but I found that they generally didn’t have what I wanted, so I went all custom. First, the hub.  This is what connects to z-wave/zigbee/bluetooth/wifi/ethernet and is your controller. Smoke Alarms  …

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Kali on the Dell M3800

just installed Kali 2.0 on my new Dell m3800. Wanted to keep some notes on the install and everything that was required. Pertinent information about my laptop build/config: I’m doing a dual boot with Windows 7/10 I bought the 4k screen upgrade I have the Broadcom BCM4352 802.11ac wireless AC card …

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